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434 Tenafly Rd
Englewood, NJ, 07631
United States


JESTMASTER’S FOOLERY SHOPPE is an amazing online catalog featuring PERFORMER ESSENTIALS: Everything you need if you are a professional or aspiring performer of any kind—UNIQUE UNUSUAL USEABLES: Everything you want if you are looking for distinctive gifts, and all kinds of way cool stuff!—THE MUSIC SHOPPE: Everything from supplies to instruments for the serious musician. All that and great prices too!

Run by theater professionals Jon Koons and Mikki Ryan Koons, we know what you need-- and what you (don't) want to pay for it!


Events and Parties

Some Theme suggestions for your event. 

  • UNDER THE BIG TOP: A Circus at Your Event
  • MARDI GRAS MADNESS: New Orleans’ Carnivale Comes to You
  • Renaissance/Medieval Faire: 16th Century Finery and Frolick
  • Jesters Academy: Court Jesters to Make a FooL of You
  • SCARED SILLY: Monsters, Monsters, Monsters
  • The Great White Way: Broadway Theatre at its Finest
  • The Silver Screen: Party Hollywood Style
  • Awards Night: Red Carpets, Fans and Paparazzi
  • Spaceport Earth: Space, Aliens, and Favorite Sci-Fi Characters
  • Super Heros: Comic Book Heros Save the Day
  • America, America: Flag Waving Pageantry
  • Island Paradise: Sounds and Sights of the Caribbean
  • Hawaiian Luau: A Classic with All The Trimmings
  • Sheer Elegance: Formal and Fabulous
  • Fairy Tale Time: Favorite Characters Brought to Life
  • The Big City: New York, New York, A Helluva Town
  • A Night on the Nile: Egyptian Splendor
  • The Mystical Orient: Secrets of the East Revealed.
  • Naughty 90’s: Turn of the (last) Century Hijinx
  • Roaring 20’s: The Age of Jazz, Gangsters and Bathtub Gin
  • Fantastic 40's: The Golden Age of Radio and Film.
  • Fabulous 50’s: Leather Jackets, Bobby Sox and Poodle Skirts
  • Psychedelic 60’s: Love, Peace, Happiness
  • Out At Sea: A Cruise to the Destination of Your Choice
  • The Wild, Wild West: Cowboys and Indians, the Wild Frontier
  • Adventure Road: Indiana Jones and Then Some
  • Pirates on the Seas: Avast, Ye Land Lubber, Stand To and Be Boarded
  • Sports Spectacular: Uniforms and Activities from Your Favorite Teams
  • Murder and Mayhem: Murder Mysteries Tailored to Your Needs
  • Arabian Nights: Sultans, Queens and Belly Dancers
  • International Inspirations: Attractions from Around the World
  • Game Show Glitz: Your Guests Are The Contestants