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434 Tenafly Rd
Englewood, NJ, 07631
United States


JESTMASTER’S FOOLERY SHOPPE is an amazing online catalog featuring PERFORMER ESSENTIALS: Everything you need if you are a professional or aspiring performer of any kind—UNIQUE UNUSUAL USEABLES: Everything you want if you are looking for distinctive gifts, and all kinds of way cool stuff!—THE MUSIC SHOPPE: Everything from supplies to instruments for the serious musician. All that and great prices too!

Run by theater professionals Jon Koons and Mikki Ryan Koons, we know what you need-- and what you (don't) want to pay for it!


Quoth the Clients

Here's What they're saying about Jon Koons!

"Jon’s ironic idiom converted nearly everything he said into a flippancy, an irreverency, a fencing sally of wit or, at the least and lowest, a bit of shtick."  -Marvin Kaye / Author, Actor

"...awesome! You did a fabulous job, and as usual, were a huge hit! Jon is a wonderful MC and host! For the first time, I was able to relax and actually enjoy the show I had put together because Jon was on-hand, smoothly transitioning acts and filling in time as needed by making the crowd laugh. He was a huge crowd pleaser – for both kids and adults alike! We definitely would like to have you back.  -Christine Thelmo Dabrow / Director of Marketing - NYC Parks & Recreation

“I wanted to thank you again for the great time. The kids were talking about you in school for days.Thanks again.”  -Jodie Guitmann / Maugham School

"We knew they'd love you. Thank you, Jon! We will be working with you a lot more. It's a pleasure ..."  -Ginamarie / Ginamarie Entertainment

Hey Jon! Your def my new guy when it comes to variety stuff... Got a call from the lady from today's party. She was singing your praises! I'm glad everything worked! Thank you so much and I look forward to working with you a lot more."   -Steven Burchard / Magical Memories Entertainment

"Once again, thank you for doing such an amazing job at Street Games (especially on such short notice).  The crowd really enjoyed your performances and I know Commissioner Garafola was a huge fan as well.  It was reassuring to know that we had someone on board who “gets” our events and doesn’t need a ton of supervision.  So again, thank you and well done!  -Graham Fisk Citywide Marketing & Special Events - NYC Parks & Recreation

“You really are one of the most talented, most creative men I've had the privilege of working with... The costumes, the banter, the quick-witted improv were all great fun, and absolutely appreciated. I loved it, and so did my client... Thank you for making me look so good.”  -Juliet Foster / Events Management, Inc.

"Jon not only provided me with several top-notch entertainers, but he proved himself to be a multitalented performer himself. I had an extremely successful event thanks in large part to Jestmaster. I will use him again and again!"  -Dave Kerpen /  Dave Kerpen Strategic Consulting

“I just wanted to write a little note saying how pleased we were with Jon's performance. Jon did exactly as he said he would and they absolutely loved him and he took it all in stride as a true professional should. I also wanted to say how wonderful he did under the pressure of the kids basically rushing the stage. He stayed cool, calm and collected and he also handled backing them off with professionalism and a kind and caring attitude. We would certainly suggest Jon to anyone requiring his services. His all inclusive show was just that! He did it all and we certainly appreciate it. I hope that we can work again in the future. As a side note, Jon's performance was more appreciated not because of what he did but how he did it. He made the kids want to watch. Sometimes these kinds of performances can be redundant but Jon knew how to make each and every trick or treat his own...and he did it perfectly. Thank you Jon for making our awards night a success!”                 -Eric Bell / Upward Ministry Co-Director, Clarence, NY

"On behalf of our team at NYC Parks, I’d like to thank you for making this year’s Street Games such an awesome event! Saturday was the perfect spring day and we had over 5,000 families playing street games like hula hoops, handball, and Double-Dutch in Thomas Jefferson Park. We couldn’t have done it without you! Having an emcee we can rely on to get all the necessary messages out there while also engaging the crowd is so comforting for a stage manager, and you do it like no one else! Once again, we appreciate your contribution to Street Games, again!"  -Anthony Sama / Deputy Director - NYC Parks & Recreation

“Time to start thinking about July 4th in Ridgefield Park.  Last year worked out great, with Uncle Sam on stilts, the juggler/unicyle guy and you as Charlie Chaplin running around, so let's do the same thing again on July 4th.  Thanks!”  - Barbara DeLuca / Ridgefield Park Fireworks Committee (Year 4)

"What a wonderful performance last night. I would gladly be a reference for you. Best Regards," -John

"Jon, you are a wonderful singer. I thoroughly enjoyed... that beautiful song and your exceptional voice. Bravo! Terrific idea to give Alexa a souvenir CD as a memento. Sounded great! I knew it was going to take some homework on your part to prep for this show. are a wonderful artist...very creative ...great costumes ...delightful show. I love it! You are so talented. Hats off!"  -Joan / Beauty & The Beast Entertainment

"Hi. Jon.  They loved you. Thank you for doing such a great job !!!"  - Janet Carafa / NY Entertainment Connection

"Thank you (as always) for a great show.  You and your team did exemplary work.  Attached are a few photos I was able to dig up.  Talk soon!"  -Graham Fisk Citywide Marketing & Special Events - NYC Parks & Recreation

"I've been working with Jon and JestMaster for over 12 years and we have enjoyed many successes together.  Whether a creative MC to host an event on a JumboTron for 12,000 or a hands on International "chef" with multiple costume changes, Jon is our man."  -Michael Young / Activities Event Specialists

"Thanks for doing such a great job! I must say you looked really good. Very handsome old Scrooge, indeed. Thank you very much"  -John & Kathy / Kathy Reed Productions, LLC

"I did get feed back  from AC and they were very pleased with all of my performers. [The client said:] 'The show was fun and different.  Both children and parents found him funny and entertaining.  He especially knew how to handle (very tactfully)  the children whose parents let them just do whatever they want even though there is someone performing!  I liked this show and would have him back again.'" - Eileen  "Thanks again, looking forward to working with you in the future."  Cheryl Currier / Currier's Magical Mania

"Great to meet you yesterday, thanks again for the great show.  -Aaron Epstein

“Here’s your much overdue copy of “Carolina.” The video was a hit over in Germany on TRL, and Adam was very happy with how it turned out. I hope all is well on your end, it was tons of fun working with you and I shall remember that shoot for some time to come.  Thanks a bunch!”  - Tara Dolack / Vogel Media, Inc.

“My good Wizard Marlin— You were so kind to travel so far to entertain so few. It gives great pleasure to know that our Wedding will be as memorable for you as you will undoubtedly be for My Lady and thy self. Our guests will talk of your magic and merriment in days and years to come.  Our guests are already asking about a larger family gathering a of the same manner as they were awed and pleased with your awesome abilities. We also would not take such foolish measures and chance being a pond creature or Dragon fodder.  We would be honored to have visit again. You may darken our doorstep anytime.For we know that you will lighten our souls and cheerfulness will follow. May the cheerfulness you spread return to you two-fold. We will keep you in our memory and await our next meeting.”  -James Grant

“Good morning my good Wizard. Just a note to let you know that even now, after much time has passed, you remain the talk of our family gatherings and have become well revered. Yours in Awe Sir James.”   -James Grant

“An Evening in Camelot” was a spectacular success.  Many thanks.”  -Marty Bevilaqua

“Just wanted to thank you for your efforts at that movie premier. They will not be forgotten... I look forward to working with you in the future.”  -Andrew / Situation Entertainment

“I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful show you and Michael performed for Matthew’s Bar Mitzvah.  I have organized many events prior to this party but this one was the hardest one for me because it was for my son. In every way, given the tiny space we had the party in, you managed to perform and find magic and tricks to entertain even the most jaded of us.  And what you did with KURT had us all stomping and begging for more.  You never once flinched at the challenge.  In fact, we all found you to be an extremely entertaining crowd pleaser.  Not only were your acts fantastic, your presentation was hilarious.  You are truly funny.  Matthew said he laughed both his heads off! I hope that some day we will have the chance to see your show again.  You can be sure I will recommend Jestmaster to anyone looking for great entertainment.”   -Adele and Matthew Foley

“This is my kind of music! I still can't believe you sound like a Big Band from my day with only four instruments.  And Jon Koons is a great singer. American Idol has nothing on him.  I'll listen to you any time.”     -Kenneth W, Glendale, NY

"I am writing to thank you for your excellent work on the JP Morgan Chase Holiday Festival 2001... The ecxitement and good cheer of the guests who attended this unique celebration was evident to all of us. Our clients at JP Morgan Chase were extrememly pleased with the festival. We pass on their appreciation to you." -Karin Bacon/Karin Bacon Events Inc.

"Hallie's Bat Mitzvah turned out to be very special ... Most of my guests had never been to a Bat Mitzvah where the tradition was brought in with outrageous, meaningful, beautiful and such professional entertainers. My Famiul can't thank you enough for putting together such a wonderful segment from Fiddler On The Roof!!! Hallie was so surprised that her friends were able to participate. You have become the talk of the town. I will be in close contact with you because we would like to use JestMaster for my son's Bar Mitzvah. Thanks you so very much for helping make Hallie's Bat Mitzvah so special. The songs that you recreated from Fiddler On The Roof and customized for us were outstanding. And your voices are so beautiful to listen to!!!"  -The Alongi Family

"Thanks again Jon. The party was a great success. The kids really enjoyed you. We will be doing business in the future!"  Nicole and Mark Mochitta

"You and Rob are at the very top of list. You two gave those kids the joy of being kids again. The stories from their parents were so heart-wrenching, but the happiness on those little faces said it all. I want to thank you both again for your great professionalism and expertise in understanding how to entertain this age group. Thanks again for giving the Sandy Hook School children the Miles of Smiles they so badly needed.  -Ron VillaReale / Producer, Miles of Smiles

"Jon you're a true professional and I hear nothing but goods things about you. Appreciate your professionalism always."  -Peter Ruggiero / Magical Enterprise 

"Hey Jon, good job! The clients were very happy with us. No doubt due to the costume you lent me. I will think of you first when another such gig comes along."  -Jeff Fahringer

"In selecting our "Plum Craziest Performer", we were looking for a fresh new attitude, and Jon represents the on-the-go energy we want to share in our parades."  -Howard Nager / Sunsweet

"Please accept our deepest appreciation for your unique contribution to our Renaissance Faire. Your costume, plus your presentation, including the dialog with the audience and the magic; all added beautifully to the atmosphere... It was obvious that the audience enjoyed the magic and your gift for language... I enthusiastically joined them in applauding you throughout your performance."                                                           -Edward M. Joyce / Edgar School

 "... Thank you for the wonderful job you did entertaining the guests at our Christmas Party this year... Both the adults and children were captivated by the wide range of talents you displayed... All very impressive, as were the costumes you wore throughout the evening... Again, thank you for making our party such a special occasion."  -Thomas Coquel / Excaliber Business Systems, Inc.

"We'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent performance and artistry on our production "Nerds III: The Next Generation."  -Jonathan Bernstein / Westgate Productions

 "Your performance was part of an especially challenging and exciting USA UP ALL NIGHT show... Your magic act and fire-eating certainly added color to Mojo's boisterous style. Your diverse selection of costumes and props were a definite plus"  -Cailin Harrison / USA Network

"Our patients were thrilled by the wonderful entertainment provided by The Professor and Miss Emeline. The smiles on the faces of the children reflected the joy that became part of their lives during the magical performance."  -Lynn Hoffman / Tomorrows Children's Fund

"As always, I wanted to express my appreciation to you for your appearances with us as guest performer... I am always happy when you turn up wherever we may be performing. I still wish I could convince you to run away with the circus' and travel with us for a while. You have such a fine performing style, and you are so adept at so many different things that you would be a tremendous asset to us."                                                    -Dr. Charles W. Boas / Circus Kirk

"It is great to know that I can send you to my most important clients and that your ability, wit and professionalism will represent my company in the best way possible... It is truly rare to find a performer of your ability and versatility. I would personally recommend you to anyone with the highest accolades..."             -RJ Lewis / Forward Productions

"I want to thank you for hosting the Audio Trivia Game'. Due to your wonderful performance, The Random House Audiobooks booth drew the largest crowds of all the many of Fifth Avenue that day."                               -Barbara Anes / Random House, Inc.

"Purim was fantastic, thanks to you! ...The children thought this was the greatest event in history, and their parents were only slightly less exhilarated."  -Rabbi Steven Chaim Listfield / Temple Emanu-El

"You certainly added a touch of levity to our silent auction. Remarkably you were able to maneuver through our guests, and without a word, guided them to view the crafts... Thank you so much for being our silent' partner."  -Hazel Goldberg / YM-YWHA of Bergen County

 "We received numerous compliments regarding the cocktail party and the evening was an overall success. It was a pleasure working with you and your company, and I hope to be able to use your services in the future." -Lisa E. Fromhertz / Prentice Hall

"I, along with Joy, would like to thank you for your hard work during the days leading up to the Roman Circus Party and Parade. Without your help it would have been impossible to have it turn out as magnificently as it did. Again, thank you, and we look forward to working with you in the future."                                                        -Blair Farrington/Farrington Productions

Just a few samples of what they're saying about JON KOONS.

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